There is an abundance of wildlife on the islands and you don't have to look to hard to spot some quite rare species of birds in particular.

  • White Tailed Sea Eagles - the UK's largest bird of prey

  • Golden Eagles - recently a pair were spotted flying across the site.

  • Short eared owls - Rosie got some great photos just up the road a half mile *

  • Hen Harriers - again some great photos just over the road on their preferred heath land searching for voles*

  • Buzzards - just look around and the chances are you'll see one soon enough*

  • Kestrels and Sparrowhawks - being so much smaller than the others are there, but you've to look hard.

  • Peregrines - told they are here, but we haven't yet seen one, only a matter of time.

  • Merlin - a rarity but we did get a glimpse up at  Loch Druidibeag  a great place to see most of these birds

  • Long eared Owl - again we are told they are there but not yet sighted one.

​The islands are famous for lots of smaller birds along with wildfowl and Rosie has pictured many of them, her pictures feature on here and she is on line at Limitless Photography  her pictures can be purchased either on line or when you visit in person.

As the name of the site mentions, we are on the edge of the European Otters range and they have figured heavily in Rosies work prior to moving here. She has now established the presence of otters just along the beach with at least a pair seen fairly regularly, I guess if you ask her nicely she might show you the best place to catch a glimpse.


Down on South Uist / Eriskay you'll find Uist Sea Tours where you can  go out to see seals, dolphins and who knows maybe Minke whales, 

To the North on Grimsay you could take a trip out with Lady Anne Boat Trips