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1 General

  1. This policy covers the Otters Edge Campground, Benbecula HS7 5PJ

  2. We ask all our visitors to adhere to the requirements of our policy. If you or your party do not comply with the policy, we may terminate your stay and ask you to leave the site, with no refunds.

  3. The use of threatening behaviour and/or foul and abusive language will not be tolerated and may/will result in the offender being asked to leave the site by a member of the Site team.

  4. Persons who are subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 may not use Otters Edge Campground.

2 Bookings

  1. Our camp site is for recreational use only. Campers are not permitted to use the site as a base for running a business. Campers must not advertise services and goods for sale at camping events except with the written permission of the Site team.

  2. At the discretion of the Site manager, some Customers may stay on site in a conventional unit, whilst working in the local area.

  3. If planning to use a non-proprietary camping unit, please seek approval from Site Team before booking.

  4. Maximum number of visitors per unit is up to 6 (adults and/or children) larger numbers are at the Site Team discretion.

  5. Sub-letting of a unit on site is not permitted, unless agreed with Site Team.

  6. Bookings are made online via the site WEB site, this also enables payment to be made via a secure site.

  7. The first night of your visit is required to be paid for on booking, amendments can be made at no cost subject to the Site team discretion.

  8. Deposit amounts are non-refundable. Remaining balance amounts become non-refundable 7 days prior to original Camping arrival date/28 days prior to original self-catering/multi-booking arrival date. If for any reason you are unable to reach the island after confirming your booking, I am afraid that you would not be entitled to any refund, as any travel arrangements, including ferry travel, are not our liability. Qualifying Refunds will only be processed by direct Bank Transfer regardless of original payment method, minus any banking charges. 

  9. We hope you don't have to cancel, but for piece of mind we suggest having travel insurance just in case.

  10. Balances should be paid in full, at least 4 weeks in advance of your arrival.

  11. Any booking that is made within 4 weeks of arrival should be paid in full at time of booking.

  12. Please ensure you have travel Insurance in place to cover cancellations.

  13. If you are unable to travel due to Government COVID restrictions your payment can be either refunded or held over until a suitable time/date, Site management will agree the proposal only if we have space for your preferred change.

  14. Walk up bookings can be made direct to the Site Team via telephone or text and if possible we will make arrangements to satisfy your requirements, payment should be made in cash on pitching.

  15. To ensure the best experience for all, we ask all visitors to the campsite to comply with these booking policies.

3 Arriving and Check In

  1. Visitors must not arrive before the published arrival time, currently 13.00 hrs (1.00pm).

  2. If you are unexpectedly delayed on the day of arrival and expect to arrive after the last attended arrival time of 18.00hrs (6.00pm), please call the site.

  3. So that we know you have arrived safely, all arrivals should contact a Site team member so that we can welcome you and direct you to your pitch. Please text in the event a site member is not available.

  4. On check in please make sure your payment for the balance of your pitch fees is paid when requested, if not already done as per above, this should only be for additions requested by you.

  5. In the unlikely event of ground conditions or electric hook ups making a pitch may unavailable. The team will endeavour to advise you in advance and also find a suitable replacement should this occur; no responsibility can be accepted if you do not like the replacement pitch if this situation arises.

  6. Please familiarise yourself with any of the site's fire regulations and fire-fighting equipment and its location as soon as possible after arrival on site.

  7. In the interests of security, day visitors must report to a Site team member immediately on arrival at site. Entry and the subsequent parking will be at the Site Teams discretion.

4 Your Pitch

  1. For your convenience, we operate a approx. 5 metre rule which means that units (excluding guy ropes) should be approx. 5 metres apart from adjacent units to protect against fire.

  2. The unit (along with any ancillary equipment) must fit within the confines of your pitch whilst maintaining the approx. 5 metre rule. If this cannot be achieved, you may need to purchase an additional pitch (if available) or remove any ancillary equipment.

  3. Children's pup tents can be classified as an integral part of a unit, in the same way as an awning, when they are occupied by children aged 15 years or under and included in the initial booking, an extra charge in line with awning charges will be applicable. Some pitches will not allow this extra, please advise on booking if you require a pup tent pitch, use the awning designation, and add details in the notes.

  4. You may park your vehicle between units, provided that 3m clear space is left within the approx. 5m gap.

  5. Ensure the mains electrical cable from the hook up point to your unit and the unit's installation are safe. All units should be protected by a residual current device (RCD). For tent campers, this should be incorporated into a purpose made mains supply unit designed for tent camping conditions. Failure to use such a unit will mean you may not use the Electric Hook Up with no refund.

  6. The site does not permit the use of Electric Hook up splitters.

  7. Electric vehicles may not be charged on site currently, however there is a nearby charging point at the school.

5 Your Stay

  1. Any facilities on site are provided for your convenience. Please use responsibly.

  2. It is important for Campers to respect the local community by observing and respecting each other's privacy. Respect should be shown to local landowner’s property, trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment, crops, stock and all surrounding areas. If in doubt, please ask.

  3. The site considers the use of e-cigarettes the same as cigarettes and as such, all legal requirements should be adhered to in their use during your stay.

  4. Should you require assistance during your stay and you cannot locate a member of the Site Team please text or call the Site number.

6 Pets

  1. We welcome well behaved pets on site and hope they enjoy their stay as much as you do, but in the interest of safety and comfort we ask that pets are kept on a lead of no more than 2m when outside.

  2. Please note we do not allow on site any breed of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs act 1991.

  3. Except for assistance dogs, pets are not allowed in the toilet block or other site structures.

  4. For everybody's comfort on site, pet owners are respectfully asked to ensure any mess is cleaned up disposed of correctly and noise is kept to a minimum.

7 Safety

  1. For site safety a 3mph speed limit must be always adhered to.

  2. All cycles should use appropriate lighting if used at a time when it should be required.

8 Recreation

  1. Games are permitted in designated recreational areas or areas agreed by Site team members. Please check with the Site team before playing.

  2. The launching and storage of jet skis or boats is not allowed on the site.

9 Noise

  1. We want all our guests to have a relaxing stay, that’s why we ask that there be no noise or movement of vehicles between 11pm and 6am where possible. In the event you do need to drive around the site, please be thoughtful to those other visitors you might affect.

  2. Noise must be always kept to a reasonable level so as not to disturb the enjoyment of others. During Summer months daylight hours are extended however not everyone will stay up later than normal. We ask that you be respectful of the needs of others.

  3. Generators may be used only at the discretion of the Site team who will advise of the most appropriate running times. We may ask you to refrain from using them if they cause a disturbance. Please check in advance of camping if you have a special requirement for extended generator use.

10 Vehicles

  1. Essential repairs can be carried out so that an unserviceable vehicle can leave the site, but general maintenance and servicing are not allowed.

  2. We do not allow vehicle and/or unit cleaning on site, there is however a cleaning facility in Balivanich fuel station.

11 Sanitation**

  1. Rubbish should be recycled wherever possible. Please use the bins in the appropriate and directed way.

  2. Emptying and cleaning of on board toilets must only be done at the disposal point, using water from that source. If you have a valid booking you may empty your cassette free of charge.

  3. Please remember we are an Island community we do not have mains sewage and use septic tanks; the type of waste and the amount needs to be used wisely. We will only allow the use of ‘Green’ chemicals such as Elsan, Cleenly Green, other types use Formaldehyde which damages the environment, also please use easy degradable toilet papers, these tend to be the less luxurious types often shops own brands.

  4. Water waste from washing or the sink should also be disposed of in the Disposal Point. Please refrain where possible from use of anti-bacterial washing products as these kill the septic tank bacteria which are necessary for it to work correctly.

  5. When reaching the islands there are free to empty chemical toilet facilities, at the ferry ports, please make use of these as often as possible. Using our on-site facility’s also limits the need to use chemical toilets, please consider this during you stay.

12 Barbecues

  1. Please only use proprietary portable barbecues and ensure they are raised off the ground sufficiently to prevent damage, and safety risks.

  2. Due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, never take a barbecue inside your unit for any reason. This also includes camping stoves.

13 Safety

  1. Please follow any instructions given by a member of the site team - they are there to ensure your safety and everyone else's.

  2. We want to keep our younger campers safe - if you are staying with children, please make sure they are always supervised.

  3. Campfires are not permitted on our site.

  4. The Site team may instruct campers to take down their awnings, gazebos and windbreaks on safety grounds should it be deemed necessary, as a result of winds or the unit condition.

  5. If you use a gas cylinder, it must be 15kg or less and must be stored within your unit's designated storage compartment.

  6. Please do not use any of the following while on site, as they may pose a danger to other campers and their units: model aircraft; drones; kites; sky lanterns; catapults; air guns; firearms; bows and arrows.

  7. We encourage you to visit the local area and enjoy off site activities, but in the interest of everyone’s safety, we respectfully request that your unit is not left unoccupied overnight. In exceptional circumstances, please seek advice from a member of the site team.

14 Leaving the Site

  1. So that we can offer all our campers the same welcome as you received, we do ask that your pitch is vacated by 11.00am. However, if your pitch is not needed straight away, it may be possible to stay a little longer - by arrangement with the Site team.

  2. To provide our next guest with the same clean, tidy pitch as you found on arrival, please ensure that you dispose of any rubbish, wastewater and chemical waste in the designated areas before you depart.

  3. If you leave a unit or other property at a site without paying or prior arrangement, the Site shall be entitled to make such arrangements as it may deem fit for the removal or storage of such property. The expense of such storage or removal shall be charged to you. If you fail to pay such an account within 14 days of an account being rendered, then the Site may make such further arrangements as it may deem fit to dispose of the property to reimburse itself for out-of-pocket expenses and to recover any unpaid fees due.

15 Lost Property

  1. All items of lost property will be retained for one calendar month. Items not claimed after this period will be donated to a local charity close to the site, this includes any monies. Any items that are not of use to any of the local charities will be disposed of.

  2. Anything where the owner is readily identifiable will be either directly returned to the owner if still on site or contacted by phone if possible.

  3. Owners are responsible for the cost of reclaiming their goods. The following items are excluded from this policy: credit or debit cards, there is any suspicion of danger to employees or to the public, unclaimed perishable goods, any item that has clearly been abandoned, or where items of property are claimed the claimant should be expected to provide a description of the items lost. The claimant must sign for all items claimed and record their full name and address.

16 Liability

  1. You are responsible for keeping your belongings safe. The site accepts no responsibility for damage or loss, howsoever caused.

  2. The Site will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of the unit, including personal belongings, cash, jewellery and motor vehicles, however caused during their stay.

17 Queries and Complaints

  1. Any cause for complaint should in the first instance be addressed with a member of the Site team. If in the unlikely event that the complaint cannot be resolved on Site then it should be addressed for the attention of the Site Management, either by e-mail to our normal mail address or in writing to Otters Edge Campground, Shell Bay House, Benbecula, HS7 5PJ

This policy and the conditions contained within are binding at the time of booking and your making of a booking assumes you have read and understood them and agree to abide by them.

These may be subject to change in line with changes in services or situations yet unknown, without consultation.

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