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OUR STORY......continues!

Who are we?

A Family Team which brings many skills to play in this new (for us) business, having fallen in love with the Outer Hebrides and wanting to 'retire' here Dave and Diane along with daughter Rosanne felt this was the time to make this life changing decision.

Diane, worked for many years in the travel business before retiring and now her time is often taken up designing and making incredible textile art pieces from tapestry, wire work! 


Dave, worked for 40 years in the Automotive Manufacturing sector which has given him a broad skill set. His hobby is working with wood making simple but lovely pieces ranging from chopping boards to benches and table using materials that might have been otherwise thrown away

Rosanne (Rosie) studied Marine Science for her MSc and is obsessed with European Otters. An accomplished photographer  taking  wildlife photos around the islands. An ice hockey player she spends many weeks in winter on the ice in Dumfries. 



Shell Bay House and Shell Bay Caravan park has been on this ground for circa 40 years. Parts of the site still shows signs of the RAF living quarters as the site was used during the war to accommodate service personnel from RAF Benbecula which during WW2 had  a key role in sub hunter squadrons.

The airfield still remains with commercial flights from the mainland on a regular basis, its a short ride, down the road from Balivanich to Otters Edge Campgrounds.

We've changed the name to Otters Edge as we are, pretty much at the edge of the European Otters domain. An elusive creature which we humans still search for a glimpse of but you'll have to stay still and watch carefully. We see them on the beach along from the site, Rosie continues to search for them whenever shes out exploring the Islands and you can see some pictured on here.

Balivanich to the North of the site is the administrative centre for the islands and has everything you might need, details are on this site, if its not there we'll know where and how to get to it.

We are here for the long run and hope to do justice to the site and the area. As we enter our 4th season here we will as always seek to add to your enjoyment and the islands accessibility.



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